Saturday, 2 September 2017

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The Emoji Movie Thoughts

This Afternoon I went and saw The Emoji Movie  which I despite the mixed reviews mostly negative enjoyed I really thought this was a interesting but shorter then usual movie being only 86 minutes but still a fun movie to see especially since I used emoji a lot during the MSN days and still do to this day via Facebook and texting however not nearly as much. The Emoji Movie has its funny bits but is probably not worth the full admission price at your local theater if one was to see it i'd recommend that you see it on the cheap day or matinee just in case you end up not liking it. Overall this movie delivers on being a bit of fun for 86 minutes a movie one can see with kids or grand kids or on their own definitely not as bad as a lot of the reviews say but that's just me.

Friday, 25 August 2017

War for the Planet of the apes and Dunkirk thoughts

Not too Long ago and More recently I saw the movies War for the planet of the apes and Dunkirk both of these movies I really enjoyed  Dunkirk especially which was as I was told pretty loud but I felt that added to the experience my theater was pretty filled up at Dunkirk's showing and had a decent amount of people when I went and saw War for the planet of the apes I feel that Woody Harrelson was a good bad guy in the movie and did a good job at portraying is insanely driven character Dunkirk had wonderful sound and visuals and interesting moments when you weren't sure when the next loud noise was gonna happen over all both of these movies were really well done and had great stories that are recommended for viewing next thought blog will be The Emoji Movie.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Despicable me 3 thoughts

Lately i saw the 3rd movie in the Despicable me franchise I thought this movie was really funny with a few clever adult jokes and actions to entertain the older audience of the film it was nice to see south park creator Trey Parker doing a non adult film role would the fact that trey is now a father have something to do with this? Trey did a wonderful job voicing his character
Balthazar Bratt it was also nice to have a new character and maybe the next possible films antagonist Dru (Grus twin brother) Despicable me 3 was a wonderful funny movie despite reading a bad review in a newspaper of course i'll take IMDb's word

Friday, 14 July 2017

Spiderman: Homecoming Thoughts

On July 11th i saw the new Spiderman movie Spiderman: Homecoming I thought that this movie was a very good movie great effects nicely shot and good acting and being someone who's into technology it was nice to see the spiderman suit decked out with all sorts of cool features Spiderman: Homecoming has a great take on incorporating modern society times IE characters taking "selfies" I liked how the film starts peter out in the early years of high-school rather then later years as was the case of the earlier films. overall spiderman was a good movie in my opinion with laughs and new things brought to the table that i would recommend anyone go see but go on your theaters cheap night in case you don't like it.

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