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Chris Hardwick abuse story thoughts

Recently Chris Hardwick known for talking dead and Talking with Chris Hardwick was accused of sexual and emotional by ex Chloe Dykstra now I have Zero experience of any kind when it comes to being in a abusive relationship of any kind and hope I never do or any one I know does. Obviously when any accusation is made an investigation should occur unless too many red flags present themselves before the investigation were to take place in which case the red flags need to be investigated. Red flags for me are the leaked text messages allegedly sent to Chris from ex Chloe (Source) also the relationship was said to have ended because Ex Chloe would not stop seeing the other guy she started seeing when her and Chris were "on a break" she tried to get back with him (common for some victims but this is still to me a red flag (and was said to have not stopped seeing the other guy) with his assurance that the relationship was over (same source as above) all of Chris's exes and obviously his wife have come in support of Chris Chloe claims to have evidence but has yet to release them. Just to quickly say that my source to TMZ was Source to TMZ . Those are my thoughts and just a disclaimer the texts are not verified im just writing down my thoughts on what information is there at this time